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Tabor and Hluboka Nad Vltavou

Bus tour to the celebrated town of Tábor in Southern Bohemia, which is strongly linked to one of the most famous periods of the Czech history - the Hussite Movement and the Hussite Wars. Its founder Jan Zizka from Trocnov (1360-1424) was a bohemian military war-lord who led the Hussite forces and is considered the greatest warrior of Czech history of all time. The remarkable history of the town started in the spring of 1420 when a group of followers of the great Catholic reformer Jan Hus came here to establish a settlement, which soon became the power base of the Hussite movement and played a vital role in the nation’s history. Tábor had a strong economy and its own armed forces, even its own foreign policy. The citizens of Tabor did not recognize the authority of the Czech King until 1452 when the town surrendered to the troops of the Governor of Bohemia, Jiri of Podebrady. The end of the 15th century brought peace and the town flourished. Tábor underwent a transformation from a military fortress into a real town, and the general features have not changed much ever since.

Continuing the tour to one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic, Hluboká that rises on a steep promontory above the Vltava river. Originally a royal castle, Hluboka (Frauenberg) was founded together with the neighboring town of České Budějovice in the 13th century by the Czech King Premysl Otakar II. In 1871 Hluboká obtained its today's form under the rule of Johann Adolf II Schwarzenberg and his wife Eleonora, who decided to design the reconstruction according to the royal Windsor Castle, with 140 lavishly furnished rooms, towers and bastions. Now the original riding hall of the castle houses the exhibitions of Aleš South Bohemian Gallery. Return to Prague.