Your Best Czechia Tour with Aquarius International

Rosenberg Castle and Vyssi Brod

Arrival at Rosenberg Castle (built in 13-14th century, rebuilt in 19th century). The Rosenberg ("Rožmberk") is one of the oldest castles in Bohemia, it stands on a promontory carved out on three sides by the river Vltava, and is considered the cradle of the House of Rosenberg, also known as the "Lords of the Rose", a historical Czech aristocratic family. Church of Holy Mary, art gallery, the modern art gallery, the armory museum, the Knights’ Room, the Crusaders’ Gallery, and the room of tortures.

Arrival in the town of Vyšší Brod. The Cistercian monastery is located on the right bank of the river Vltava, in the south-west part of the town. It was founded in 1259. The Cistercian community lives in the monastery today. It is possible to visit the church, the capitular hall in Northern-French Gothic style, the picture gallery, the Museum of Post and the library. Containing around 70,000 volumes and ancient manuscripts, the library of the monastery is considered the third largest in Czechia. Visit of the parish church of St. Bartholomeo. Return to Prague.