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Litomysl and Hradec Kralove

Arrival in the town of Litomyšl. The dominant feature of Litomyšl is the monumental Renaissance castle that dates back to 1568–1581. It is an outstanding and immaculately preserved example of the arcade castle. Visiting the art collection of the castle with the Green Room and the Blue Salon, the library and the billiard room. The palace theater with 130-150 seats and the museum of antique scluptures. Old brewery of 16th century. Here, at Litomysl Castle Brewery the famous composer Bedrich Smetana was born on 2 March 1824, and lived here with his parents as Bedrich Smetana's father was a brewer. Now there is a standing exhibition of the personal belongings of the composer, his first grand piano and biographic documentation.

Continue to Hradec Králové, the regional capital of East Bohemia, built on the confluence of Elbe and Orlice rivers as a dowry town of queen Elisabeth Richeza of Poland (1286–1335) who lived here for thirty years, having been the second wife of two Bohemian Kings, Wenceslas II and then Rudolph I of Habsburg. In the early 15th century, it was an important fortress of the Hussite revolution. The military importance of the city ended after the battle at Chlum in 1866. Return to Prague.