Your Best Czechia Tour with Aquarius International

Cesky Krumlov and Village of Holasovice

Driving to the picturesque medieval town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO Heritage site since 1992. Construction of the town and its expansive castle began in the late 13th century. In 1302 the town and the castle were owned by the House of Rosenberg. Emperor Rudolf II bought Krumlov in 1602 and gave it to his natural son Julius d’Austria. Emperor Ferdinand II gave Krumlov to the House of Eggenberg. From 1719 until 1945 the castle belonged to the House of Schwarzenberg, then it was annexed by Nazi Germany as part of the so-called Sudetenland. After World War II it was restored to Czechoslovakia. Most of the architecture of the old town and castle dates from the 14-17th centuries. Tour of the castle to see the unique Baroque theater (completed in 1766 and preserved with its original stage machinery, one of the few that still exist), the church of St. Vitus, a Gothic church of 15th century with frescoes from the same period, and the three-storey bridge of 17th century.

The tour will continue to the 13th century South Bohemian village of Holasovice, an exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a traditional central European village with a large number of 18-19th century vernacular buildings in a style known as 'South Bohemian folk Baroque'. Tour of the village with its chapel of St. Nepomuk. Return to Prague.