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Benatky Nad Jizerou Sychrovcastle and Mnichovo Hradiste

Bus tour to Benatky nad Jizerou, a Renaissance château built on the ruins of an old monastery of a 14th century monastery, purchased by the Emperor Rudolf II in 1599 and lent by him to the Danish astronomer Tycho de Brahe to build an observatory. It was here, that Brahe first met his colleague Johannes Kepler in 1600. It was here that during 1844-1847 young Bedrich Smetana worked as a music teacher in the family of Earl Leopold Felix Thun-Hohenstein.

Continuing the tour: arrival at the romantic Sychrov castle of late 17th century. In 1820 Sychrov was bought by the family of Rohan, French aristocrats exiled by the French Revolution. The vast reconstructions they provided changed the outworn Baroque castle into what we see today - a magnificent romantic neo-gothic Chateau. The Rohans had the vision; the skills of the local woodcarvers, decorators, carpenters and glass painters made it. Special attention was paid to the Castle Park, designed in English style. The Rohans Orchid collection was one their prides, famous far beyond Bohemia. Sychrov glasshouse was among the Orchid suppliers to Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Sychrov Castle is one of the few castles in Czech Republic open all year round Mondays including. The Sychrov Interiors tour offers an exclusive collection of valuable original furnishings. You can also enjoy the Rohans collections of ceramics, Murano glass, porcelain and woodcarvings. Notable is the collection of French portrait paintings, consisting of more than 200 portraits of the Rohans, their related families and French kings.

On the way back to Prague, a brief visit to the Renaissance castle Mnichovo Hradiště, which used to belong to the Wallenstein family and was reconstructed in the beginning of the 17th century into a baroque chateau with French gardens and an English park. Visiting the chapel of St. Anna and the historic interiors of the castle with valuable collections of paintings, pannos, tableware, and china, the Armory Hall and the library. Return to Prague.